Thursday, January 12, 2012

roommate photo shoots have traumatized me.

sometimes you take serious pictures with your roommates
because you know it's the last time you'll all be together.
you decide to line up by height and be serious
because you're freshmen and it's cool.

after seven failed takes due to laughter,
you master the straight face and focus.
as the photographer* snaps the shot,
you feel something on your behind
and before you realize what happened,
you've been scooped.

behold, i present you with what may very well be
the best photographed scoop 
in the history of photographed scoops.

*everyone knows during freshman year the designated "roommate portrait" photographer is your pretty roommate's boyfriend who, by default, ends up being the apartment boyfriend.


Christianna said...

OMG, this is super funny!

ellie said...

You had 5 roommates? Crazy town!

Sarah said...

bahaha love this! You have changed so much since your freshman year!

Natasha Louise said...

HAHAHAHA! wowww, I love this.

Shaylynn;) said...

HOLY HOLY that is a lot of roommates.

Roommates are touch & go me.

I have three that live in my house, they all hate me. You can have all of them.

It's awesome:)

whatevergatsby said...

yes yes AND YES TO ALL OF THIS. ahahahahha and i totally amen'd in response to the apartment boyfriend sentiment. aint it the truth?

McKinley {Haolepinos} said...

I wont mess with you girls!!!!

You have a lot of freaking roommates... that would be my nightmare, it seems like you all get along really well though! That is awesome...

enough said, this is a hilarious photo!!!

mandyface said...

Mmmm scooping. We're really into remixing right now. Its like when a dj starts scratchin on his records and you hear "reeeemix!" but you sneak up behind someone and do it on their cheeks. Priceless.

Kelli Anderson said...

thats so true about the boyfriend thing. freshman.

Courtney B said...

Ok... I bet you girls had the best times EVER! Was it crazy hard to get along with 5 roommates at times?