Thursday, November 17, 2011


i was going to show you another video today.
one that is a billion times better than this one.
but i can't help it.
the world needs to know. 
she's back.
she's back.
she's back.

thanks to jutraas for posting this sucker
and to rye-bread for pointing out how
unnaturally windy it is inside the arcade.

i had a million thoughts running through my head
when i first saw this,
but i'll just limit myself to three.

 her obsession with j.biebs is obvious.
if i were him, i'd get a restraining order now.
who styled this video?
why is it day then night then day?
what garbage bin did they get that teddy bear from?
i don't understand what she's trying
to accomplish with this.
i really don't.


Natasha Louise said...

OH NO she didn't!!!!!!! haha

NeuroticLover said...

I literally fought with myself about watching this! I was like, don't do it, but I have to!!! All in my head. In the end, my morbid curiosity won out and I watched about half of it... I'm not sure there are words. But why can't she find anything to rhyme with "I like that" other than "I like that" and that teddy bear frightens me a little! And the wind?? What's with the wind?!

Kandice said...


the chinese dragon?

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Sometimes I wonder if as she matures she'll be famous and she'll look back at all of us and say "suckas!!!"

Christianna said...

What the eff was that? I watched the whole thing, wondering if it would get any better, if there would be a point, and the answer is no! Honestly, she wrote about 5 lines of lyric and then just sang them over and over. Oh and cute teddy bear?

McKenzie King said...

who writes her lyrics? they are pure poetic genius-ness.

Andrea said...

I really like that the moon is in the shape of a heart. So deep

ellie said...

1. I listened to 20 seconds and stopped. Wind machine and lense flairs in the arcade? This isn't a victoria's secret shoot or the set of Star Trek, it's an arcade.
2. I read an article a few month back where-in a journalist wrote about interviewing her, cause apparently she's a terrible interview, and it was super interesting. (in the sense that I already don't like her and they made her sound awful)
3. I hate myself a little for watching those 20 seconds, but I really wanna see the bear, so I'm probably going to watch at least until the bear. *hangs head in shame*

ellie said...

The bear reminds me of that awful napoleon flavored ice cream. And now I'm done watching.

Anonymous said...

speechless. she just doesnt know when to stop does she?

Mandy said...

No... Can't believe that bear.

You are hilarious.

Ashley said...

I couldn't even make it all the way through!!!!! UGH. THE HORROR!!!!

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

I'm about to watch it. I'm giddy.

kylee said...

bahahaa. so many killer one liners. and the brush yo shoulders move was swift. hahaaaa "a person of interest" it is the funniest thing of my life. i'm going to start saying that to guys. and who does she think she is getting up there and stealing the mic from those two crazy haired chicks. i mean come on rblack. i bet they were ten times better than her. let's start a protect-jb-we-hate-rb club.

McKinley {Haolepinos} said...

ahahhahaha OMG why the Biebs look a like? Is she hopping to gain more fans this way?!? Or is she living out her wildest fantasies with him? hahahaha

Kari said...

Oh no. No. No. No. No.