Sunday, November 20, 2011


friday night, it started to snow.
one minute it was barely dandruffing
and the next, glorious white flakes were falling from the sky.
it was beautiful.
falling snow is peaceful.
it makes me happy.

saturday i spent the morning
working on a paper,
packing up my room,
and listening to this song.
it's fantastic.
they're fantastic.

saturday night i froze my face off
at the football game.
i thought boots would keep my feet warm.
i was wrong.
they went numb.
walking back to the car
made them tingle.

on the plus side,
this scene combined with hot chocolate
infused with hazelnut deliciousness 
stopped the shaking in no time.
sometimes i shake uncontrollably when i get cold.
my dream of living in an igloo will never be realized.
sidenote: i just spelled 'igloo' like 'igluee'.

i wasn't kidding about that song.
go listen to it now.

*for some reason that sounded cool in my head.
don't ask, even i don't get it.


Becca and Derek said...

HAHAHA. ANYthing with Marky Mark makes me shake in my boots! Thanks for the laughs. P.S. Lauren is getting married!!! Are you going?!?

emilymcb said...

Why in the world did you go the football game?!!!!

Makay said...

Oh- nothing is better than freezing your booty off and then warming to a warm cup of deliciousness!

Hilary said...

snow is amazing. and its the same for me, its so peaceful. i love it.

ellie said...

Movie is hilarious! Wahlburg should stick to comedies, he's been in some pretty awful dramas... (ok that one boxing one was pretty good...)

also, I totally forgot I clicked on the music link and I was sitting here just bobbing my head to the beat enjoying the music. It totally rocks!

Janette said...

Snow and freezing feetsies!??? That sounds heavenly! I haven't been that cold in ... well... I think 2004... Being cold is the best.. I don't get to that often living in socal and all..

Janette, the Jongleur

Ashley said...

I love the other guys sooooooo much :D :D

You looooove hot chocolate, don't cha?

Madeleine said...

Damn I miss the snow, it's just so sunny ant here all ze time.... Love the flakes