Tuesday, November 15, 2011

blue conversation bubble and a pink line.

pros: tina fey is having another baby.
{yes, i know you know. everyone knows.
 but i needed a pro and babies are happy}.

cons: because of said baby, 30 rock is on hold
until baby has officially left the building
 and can fend for itself on the mean city streets.

unrelated news: arrested development is signed on for a fourth season
before the movie. i can officially die happy.
but only after seeing the fourth season and film.
please keep me off your personal hit lists until then.

sidenote: having 30 rock and arrested development as labels
on the same post makes me giddy.
 like a child at christmas.
or how tina's baby will feel once he/she realizes his/her
mom is tina fey.
lucky duck.

i wrote this during my hiatus.
so it's old news
but you'll just have to deal with it.
it was exciting at the time.


McKenzie King said...

30 rock...rocks.

Christianna said...

LOVE Tina, LOVE "Arrested", and LOVE this post!

rebecca said...

I followed/stalked Tina Fey in the park a few weeks back. That woman is a genius.

Ayley said...

hey! i didn't know she was having another baybay!!!

Kari said...

If only reincarnation were real and I could come back as Tina's baby. At least 30 Rock will be here in 2012!

Kandice said...

YOU'RE GOING!? best news of the day!
now i'm excited to see youuuuu :)

believe it or not i had no idea arrested development was signed for a fourth season but that, too, makes me incredibly happy.

way to be the bearer of great news ;)
(BUT i heard somewhere that Community was being "shelved" because of this 30 Rock nonsense.. - could be wrong or something - and i think we both know how i feel about 30 rock... especially now with such news)

(not tina fey's fetus. community.)

mandyface said...

Like likelikelikelike liiiiiike like like. Like.

Carrie Ann said...

This is the best post I've ever seen. "a puppy committed suicide after he saw our bathroom!" I love it. Also, the arrested development news is my favorite news of the year. of the century. of entertainment history and of the universe.

plus, I miss you, brissa.

Anna said...

That whole monologue from Tracy is one of my favorite moments from 30rock. So good.

Anonymous said...

is it bad that i basically know this entire thing by heart? and quote "MY BASKETBALL HOOP WAS A RIBCAAAGE.....A RIBCAAAAAGE!" at least once a week