Thursday, September 15, 2011

don't film anything in the dark with an iphone. it won't turn out pretty, trust me.

i finally saw tron.
i loved the effects and soundtrack,
but the cgi-ified jeff bridges
gave me the creeps.
big time.
 i left feeling like i needed to watch the original
in order to fully understand everything that happened.
[i still can't even look at his creepy clu face without shuddering].
after the movie,
our host went into his room and came out wearing this.
i can't even begin to explain it's legit-factor.
and to make it even more amazing,
he made the suit himself.
i'm not even going to start describing
how cool it looks when danced in.
there are no words. 
it seems impossible for this suit to get any better,
but it does.
it senses sound.
aka: when you play music, the lights blink along with the song.
it was like christmas in august.
i've been dreaming about making one ever since.
how amazing would it be 
to break this sucker out at dance parties?!!?!?!
the possibilities are endless. 


Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

oh my gosh, that is absolutely hilarious! i loved that movie! my husband liked the soundtrack so much he downloaded it. silly boys! and it's true, that young jeff bridges was done so well that it kind of freaked me out too!
xo TJ

mandyface said...

I'm envisioning a whole line of clothing that looks normal with the lights on but then the party starts with the lights off....what a genius that cat it. Let's rip off his idea together and rule the world!!! Muahahahah mwahaha haha ha.

Ashley said...

Yeah the movie didn't impress me too much. But that suit is amazing. Your friend made it?!? Ahhh!! He needs to take that to the club and get hit on by every girl!

Alexandria said...

Best Halloween costume this side of EVER. PERFECT.

And thanks for your sweet comment lovah :) Means a lot.

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Wow....he MADE that? He has a lot of time on his hands...and is very creative. :)

The closest I've ever gotten to that was a really cool grape costume my made for me when I was 6 so I could be a cluster of purple grapes for halloween...

Not the same?

Christi Lynn said...

i loved that movie! the soundtrack is pretty epic. especially when you are driving down the freeway blasting it. good times!

Christianna said...

OMG, that TRON suit is effing sick! That's the best thing I've ever seen! I need to watch the old one again, I think I liked it a lot better. But it's been forever, so I can't say that for sure...

kylee said...

what the freaaaaaak?! give me that suit. right now. coolest thing ever. and he made that? who is this awesome guy. beg him to be my friend won't you? also that 'club' i went to in disneyland was a tron themeded club. we should all go. you, me, and you're tron buddy. maybe he can make us both suits as well so we can own that place with our suits & moves.

Deidre said...

There was some talent contest somewhere (I know I couldn't be LESS specific) where the dancers wore suits like this for their dance routine in the dark. it was absolutely INCREDIBLE.

So cool that he made it himself.

ellie said...

Ach! I still haven't seen this movie, and I think I would love it! Of course I really want to see the original too... all in good time I guess.

Pop Champagne said...

that is really cool and ya it would be amazing to have those at dance parties!

McKinley {Haolepinos} said...

Yeah that is pretty freaking sweet!! I wish I was there!!! LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKY!