Monday, August 15, 2011

thursday = best night of the summer.

after picking up lauren on the other side of the lake
and getting beat up by a fire extinguisher,
we headed to my house for dinner and cards.
progressive rummy is the best/most addicting game everrr.
in the middle of my winning streak
we decided to hit the road.
instead of going straight to the concert,
we stopped at urban outfitters
for some finger-staches and an 80s cell phone case.
on our way to the park
we passed a trio who i'm convinced can only play
the zelda theme song.
the boys guarded the blanket 
while we trekked to find water.
as i filled up my water bottle a girl yelled, 
"don't drink the water! you'll get e.coli!!"
it was cold. it was good. it was disease free.
lar and i decided to walk around and stalk conor.
stalking proved unsuccessful but, we did get free vitamin waters.
while searching for fries in what seemed like a "beer and wine" festival,
we heard people cheering and a loud guitar.
we panicked. 
we thought there was still another band.
we were wrong.
we speed walked up to the front and side and
after a few spot arrangements
we finally settled on a pretty decent place.
i don't know if words can fully describe what i felt.
he is phenomenal live.
just so, so good.
it was everything i could have ever hoped for.
jenni said it best when she called him
"a semi-depressed, questionably-suicidal cutie"
and as such,
i wasn't expecting mr. oberst to bust a move onstage
but homeboy surprised me.
please enjoy this video
and pay special attention to the second half
for some truly magnificent dance moves.
unfortunately, you can't see his little hip thrusts,
so you'll just have to trust my professional opinion.
they needed some work.

lauren and i were surrounded in what felt like a constant cloud
of cigarette smoke and weed.
after the concert she said,
"i think i got second hand high."
and i agreed.
i think it was a combination of music, utter joy and purple haze.
music + friends + finger staches = magic


Ashley said...

I already love rummy, so what is this progressive rummy you speak of???? :)

lauren said...

Wow your camera got a nice butt shot!! So glad I was part of your best night of the summer!