Friday, August 12, 2011

just like a train wreck. it's painful to watch, but i can't look away.

can someone please explain why maroon 5 
has an entire song dedicated to the moves of mr. jagger?
i just don't understand. 
i think we should also find out who told
david bowie he could dance.
that is the worst advice he has ever taken.

for those of you wondering,
i counted at least five moments
when david & mick were close enough to kiss each other.

even though i'm a proud member of team adam,
i'm not a huge fan of his new song.
it gets stuck in my head and annoys me.
but thanks to this video,
whenever i hear this song
i can replace an unnecessarily shirtless adam levine
with m.jagger's actual moves.
unfortunately, both images are scarring. 


Carrie Ann said...

Oh dear. I must say, I was slightly offended that you were writing anything even slightly derogatory towards David Bowie, who is in fact one of my heroes. Then I watched the video. Why does the Jaggster feel the need to open his mouth so wide? We know it's big. You don't need to show us. Also, why does his unnaturally large pie whole need to be so close to David Bowie's perfect one? And why is David dancing. I've seen him dance in other things. He wasn't this bad.

It's scary town how much I loved and hated this video at the same time.

Anna said...

Whatever Brissa. These guys are GODZ.

Drea said...

I love this video.
I could eat it.
For breakfast.

David's such a mysterious sex god.
His voice is delicious, but I couldn't stop laughing about his outfit, and Mick...

I'm laughing.
All alone in this room.

And it's really just the song that's horrible. David's sneakiness in this video is something to be learned from. :)

Thank you for making my day, YET AGAIN.

ellie said...

um... they ruined this song.

also, I'm fairly certain I just picked up Mr. Moves shirt at the goodwill. Awkward.

I also kind of want Mr. Bowie's onesie. More awkward. But really, I think it would be a great introduction for leopard print and onesies to my wardrobe, right?

Roxxy Cambridge said...

Seriously! What is up with Jagger lately anyway? So many allusions to his former rockstarhood.

Mooooove on songwriters.

Ashley said...

A shirtless Adam Levine is always the answer.