Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ice cream cones make me ponder.

yesterday beth and i went on a bike ride
and officially licensed our wheels.
we took a detour on the way back home
and stopped by macey's for ice cream.
the chocolate wasn't working,
so i opted for vanilla instead of my usual twist.
as i enjoyed my cone i thought of what kelli said a few weeks ago.
she's 100% right,
ice cream is a happiness machine.

i was also grateful for the invention of the cone.
because of it, i was able to finish my half-eaten soft-serve
while cruising back to my apartment.
so let's give a shout out and a huge thank you
to my homie ernest hamwi
for being quick on his feet in 1904
so i could finish my cone and ride my bike in 2011.

back to my tale of frozen goodness.
the portions are incredible.
a small will last you a twenty minute conversation
and a three minute bike ride
or half a grocery shopping trip.
and for fifty cents flat,
that much soft-serve is too good to pass up.

even though i always order a small,
i have promised myself
before i leave this town,
i will buy and take on the kong cone.
partly to be able to tell my children i did,
mostly to see how many days it will take to eat.
some of you might laugh and say,
"but brissa, it's just an ice cream cone,
it shouldn't take you days to eat."

so, to all you doubters/haters/naysayers
i challenge you to a kong contest.
you buy one.
i'll buy one.
the spectators will gather
and as i take my sweet time enjoying my mountain of ice cream
 you will prove me wrong
and finish your cone in one sitting.

oh, and before i forget,
this is what it looks like.

filled from the cup to the cone
{nervous man not included}.


Kandice said...

ha :)

Madi said...

do you know how many king kong cones i have purchased in my summers as a wee little one in utah? and do you want to know how many i have finished in one sitting.

Zero. None. Nada.

But they make me happy so i keep buying. I want to add my thanks to good ole' earnie. my life is happier because of him.

Roxxy Cambridge said...

Kong Cone= Dream COME ta-rue :)

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

he does look nervous- I would be sick if I ate that.

Alexandria said...

Take a video of it. PLEASE.

Lillie & Long Nguyen said...

buuutt i really wanted the nervous man..

Ashley said...


I will help you eat the kong :)

Erika Lee Sears said...

just died over the kong cone lol.

kylee said...

kong adventure. friday. before the concert. freak lets just party all day friday. show me your p town life.

Mandy said...

Haha! He does look nervous. Kevin always wants to get one when we go to Macy's and I say no. Last time he got the blue raspberry dipped cone though and it was so gross looking.

Jenna said...

Man, I miss Macey's. That was my favorite hang-out in Provo. I never tried the Kong Cone but I sure wish I had. I did get plenty of regular ice cream cones, though! My special reward for grocery shopping (like it's such a hard task).

Haylee said...

Do you want to hear a sad story? I have never had a kong cone in my entire life and I've lived in Provo since I was born! I know. I'm crazy. But it makes me feel a little better to know that you have yet to experience one yourself. Maybe we'll have to conquer the feat together one day. (Or attempt to :)

McKinley {Haolepinos} said...

THAT IS HUGE!!! And I too have a huge weakness for ice cream. Serioulsy that shiz is awesome!!! I actually just wrote a post about my love for all dairy products... but it wont post until tomorrow.

This post was funny hahahah!! I LOVED IT!

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

You are ON! I'm known for my IC eating skillz. That's and ice cream are so tight that I'm an a nickname basis with it...

Ashley said...

oh briss, if you love king kong cones you will LOVE this gem
my husbands friend made it ;) watch till then end ;)

Ashley said...

I also wanted to say, you are an expert at telling a story. You built up this post PERFECTLY :)

Cassidy said...

Since I too cannot eat KinG KonG's in one sitting, I often choose the soft serve as a medium. I sculp. Yep, faces and places, i sculp my king kong kone. Sometimes with a spoon, or my tongue, or even a my finger too. Ice cream is delicious, artsy, and fun. yezzir.

Katherine said...

Thank you for your nice comment Brissa!!! Yeah it's been ages since I was over here, too! (why actually?? hmmmm)...

Ice-cream, is one of the many loves my hubbs and I share...I am sure he could eat at least 2 of them. In a day. :) Yum yum.

kelli case anderson said...

brissa! i so appreciate your shout out to the man that invented the cone! jared and i feel strongly in agreeance to your appreciation for the cone. and the kong cone is such a must try!

Anna said...