Thursday, August 18, 2011

delinquency recorded.

ashley came to party with me for half a week.
i felt bad because i was in class/working/taking a final
for most of her stay but she insisted it was a fantastic vacation.
here is her reasoning.

a: we went out for lunch.
b: wendy's?
a: vacation.

a: we had a gourmet dinner.
b: chicken and potatoes?
a: vacation.

a: we saw a live showing...
b: the dollar theatre?
a: vacation.

a: i got my homework done.
b: no you didn't.
a: crapacation. 

but just so you don't think i gave her a completely lame "vacation,"
here's a quick rundown of what i like to call, "the party days."

after introducing sass to the goodness of a twisty cone
i gave her a tour of the library and left her there to work
on her ap summer project while i went back to the office.
after work we made dinner, did the dishes
and headed to the dollar theatre to see monte carlo.
 thoughts on the film. 
selena = love. 
aussie = not that hott. 
frenchie = predictable. 
finn + country = never again, please.

thai mango for lunch.
their massaman chicken is amazing.
m3W1Nd on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
after an intense library study session
and some fantastic sniper photography,
we met up with jutraas for a late night hospital rendezvous.
cafe west cordogs = golden.goodness.

after rocking my final,
we met up with emily, dayna and justin for the help.
if you loved it, let's not talk about it right now.
i read the book a week before i saw the movie
{loooooooved it}
and wish they hadn't messed up the majority of the character relationships.
other than that it was just dandy.
after the film, we supped and started cleaning for cleaning checks.
 deep cleaning the oven made me high so we took a break for this:

worrrrth it.
i love everything about the wimpy kid series.
after the movie we finished the kitchen and bathroom.
by this time it was about two in the am and we felt like a swim.
suits on, we decided to hop the fence and sneak into the dharma pool.
as soon as we cleared the fence, a light turned on so we booked it out.
a few days later i found out they have a security camera
to document any trespassers.
well played initiative, well played.

all you need to know is
my baby sister is the coolest,
we talked/laughed/party rocked like bosses
and i wish i could hang out with her 24/7.
lyke 4 rillz.


lauren said...

You did NOT tell me about that scene from the diary of a wimpy

Hilary Mae said...

I am mildly embarrassed but I want to see Monte Carlo.

Alexandria said...

Sounds like a solid week of mild debauchery to me :)

emilymcb said...

Your sister IS the coolest.

McKenzie King said...

diary of a wimpy kid may be on of the only movies i have ever taken the time to theaters.

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Looks like fun!!! What is Monte Carlo? I am so behind on the times.

Ashley said...

Monte Carlo?

You tween :P

mandyface said...

Seesters are the beeest no? That thai mango pic made me vurry hungry and you know I'm too lazy to actually make myself food, so thanks Brissa! Thanks a lot!

whatevergatsby said...

LUBB THIS. especially your clean massaman curry plate. you're a girl after my own heart :)

kylee said...

sneaking into pools may just be my new favorite thing. did it last night and loved my life entirely.

meme-and-he said...

gosh I need to read The Help!! I have heard so many good things about that book...sorry the movie wasn't up to par :(
happy weekend girl!!

kylie said...

i love diary of a wimpy kid and i'm thinking that monte carlo is must while it's still at the dollar theatre. your blog is cute.
that is all.

kelli case anderson said...

i want to get into the doawk series!

carlee ellen said...

where is this thai mango place?!?? that massamin curry looks like heaven in a bowl. my FAVORITE thai dish. ever. mmmm, i'm craving me some thai food right about now.