Thursday, August 25, 2011

a day in hefe

last week baby brother called me and told me to meet him at the mechanic.
el rojo broke down and he needed a ride home.
turns out he also needed a ride to every car dealership in the county.
let's take a moment and thank the heavens
 i actually took the time and got ready that day. 
even though jamie was adamant
we leave the house a-sap,
he was the one who ended up making me wait
in my car while he either ate/texted/fixed his hair.
as a result of this waiting,
i had a photo shoot with my ex-earring-turned-snitch. 
first we had to stop and get the safety + emissions for carlos 
at the main street shop.
the owner rides a horse to work and sits outside drinking coke all day.
he's got life figured out. 
after the check up, the search began.
i met a few one genuine salesman and i was so happy
when i saw the stereotypical greasy haired sleazeball.
i'm not exaggerating, their hair was slicked like woah,
complete with bald patches shining through.
i tried to sneak a picture, but those sneaky little buggers
kept turning at the worst times. 
after dad came home from work,
he and mom joined us for the auto search.
it was nice not to have to drive, 
but leaving the dj'ing to dad was not.
all i wanted was a little boston
and the only thing he played was smooth jazz.
this future car owner never lost his cool.
he bargained and spoke with dealer after dealer. 
here we see him sippin on some h2-izzity-oh
and pondering the amazing parties
that could be thrown inside a u-haul.
the possibilities are endless. 
we literally car shopped all day. 
like 11 in the am to 9:30 in the pm.
the only positive aspect of it was me learning 
 how to ask for and read 
car facts like a boss.
please meet the muffler man.
he wished us luck and good prices
as he smiled down on us from above.
 the setting sun shining through the windows
was a clear sign we were at the right place. 
their exceptional water cooler
was also a sign.
not even kidding.
brother's new ride.
i was only slightly jealous,
then i drove it.
can i haz it?


emilymcb said...

Your lips look HOOOOOOTTTT in that first picture.

Also, I forgot when you were over at my apartment, that I wanted you to take pictures on photobooth with me on my new macbook! You'll have to come over again sometime to do that, I guess.

Ashley said...

Ooooo...beamer! Love those :)

I love that lipstick you are wearing!

smooth jazz=white man's jazz. That's what I call it.

Alexandria said...

Steal that shiz.

Yazz flute.

Crystle said...

I want a new car!! My sights are set on a new toyota camry (vanilla, I know). Next year indeed.

Also, love that some guy in America rides his horse to work. What a dream!

mandyface said...

You should make snitch sculptures, sell them, become rich, share your riches with me and then we will create a brick for brick replica of Hogwarts and teach young pupils how to be awesome.

Sarabeth; said...

A) you're insanely pretty.

B) I'm just insanely jealous of your ex-earring-turned snitch making skills. (or maybe just the snitch itself) If I had those super power skills (They are super power skills, fyi.) I would have myself a lovely snitch hanging on my review mirror!

C) I am also insanely jealous of your hair! I would trade you but you would probably hate me and turn me in for hair fraud. Or something.

D) I wish I rode to work on a horse and sat outside drinking coke all day. That man definitely has life figured out.

E) I could definitely do with a car like that!!

I'll stop with E. Although I could go on. And on.

And on.
But the number four is my favorite,
and "E" is an execptional letter.

CasiDee said...

Why are you so cool? Like, fo reals.

Anonymous said...

okay, that's it we are soul mates. your glamour shot!? ADORBZ. and your first instinct to make your earring into a snitch?! um, trying not to hyperventilate right now.

alex said...

I really really love instagram posts, your posts are so funny and entertaining!