Tuesday, August 30, 2011

[(b + k )- b] + j = k+j 4ever

remember when i told you 
and not to fret because mizz james had our back
when it came to capturing the moment?
of course you do.
because i freaked out and reminded you yesterday.
now please, prepare yourselves for an image overload.
but don't worry,
it's totally worth it.

{i apologize in advance for the pictures being small.
i need to figure out a way to widen my center column
so as to have giant, awesome pictures}.

behold, the cutest couple in the world. 
 such an ethnically diverse wedding party. 
formal parental love.
sidenote: is it bad my sister has my dream dress?
i feel like i'll never find one that compares. 

i mean, have you seen the skirt?!
so short. so brown. so beautiful.
 i just can't get over how beautiful she looked. 
  aaaahhhhhhh. one of my favorites!!!
their song was stand by me
perfect. so, so perfect. 
 as awkward as it looks/was, i could not stop hugging her.
i felt justified because my other half was officially taken. 
 daddy-daughter dance.
he cried. she cried. i cried. mom cried.
so many happy tears.  
i can't tell you how happy i am our fist pumping was documented.
we rock it guido style on the dance floor.
 fact: more people joining the dance floor 
doesn't make it any less awkward. 
 i won the bouquet in battle.
i can say this because it was slammed in my face
and at least half of the flowers landed on the ground. 
beth + brissa = x-treme bridesmaids. 
 hey heeey foxy ladieeez. 
  our parents are so proud.
in fact, they're blowing this picture up as big as possible
and putting it on our garage door
so the world can see how normal their children are. 
 as children, they called themselves the
"trouble maker twins."
pictures like this prove the TMT legend lives on. 
don't you worry, we got the car good.
silly string on the inside,
"bow chicka wow wow" and "get some" on the outside.
oh, and oreos. lots and lots of oreos. 
i love you krizzle.
i'm so happy you're happy.
bfflizzles 4-eva. 


ellie said...

looks like a ton of fun! I love weddings! They're sooo much fun! (like, totally fun, yo)

Jenna said...

Ooh I LOVE her dress!

Here's a site that will help you widen your blog.


jessie said...

that is a rockin dress.
and i love that commercial. 500 of um. i say that all the time.

Ashley said...

so cute! Still love her dress. Your family is really adorable :)

Krystal said...

aw they are so cute :)

Hilary Mae said...

So stinking cute! I hope I'm as beautiful as she is on her wedding day! Tell her congratulations from a fellow blogger who creeped and loved her prints! HA

kylee said...

akward hug photo wins as my fav. and daddy-daughter dances get me every single time. even if i don't know the bride all that well i cry. i'm going to be an absolute mess on my wedding day. my poor wedding guests. and poor husband. he'll probably rethink that whole marriage thing we just did after seeing how much i cry. holllaaaaa for catching that bouquet! totally on my bucket list to catch one of those.

Anonymous said...

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Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

What a beautiful day! She looked extra beautiful (she gets too, she's the bride) and you looked beautiful too! So happy that it was a special day for everyone involved. :)

P.S. YOU GOT AN AWARD. Check out the blog.

mandyface said...

I love their playful blues & yellows! You look like a dream m'lady!

augustalolita said...

lovely photos!! congrats to your bff!! they make a beautiful couple <3

augustalolita said...

lovely photos!! congrats to your bff!! they make a beautiful couple <3