Friday, July 22, 2011

the post-party pre-breakdown.

thank you all for your kind wishes.
everything went as planned and 
the wedding was lovely.
absolutely lovely.
the bride looked stunning.
there is nothing more beautiful than the glow of true love.
i wish i had taken pictures, but there was no time*.
don't worry though,
anna's kind of amazing and she's got our back.
she also made us fake laugh.
a lot.
and if there's one thing i learned,
it's that no one in my family has a pretty fake laugh.
we're like a pack of hyenas. 

and the little cut i got on my lip
from when the bouquet was spiked into my face 
during the toss
was totally worth it. 
looks like i'm next.
{insert laughter here}

*i lied.
i did have time.
just for one picture though.

creepy, right?
i'm pretty sure she's a ghost now. 


kylee said...

you're next woman! better get an invite to your wedding!

Hilary Mae said...

Hahahaha this is awesome! Congrats and that picture is still making me laugh...

Hilary Mae

Ashley said...

yayyyy for weddings!

I think you should record this hyena laugh of yours for all of the blog world to hear! :)

Fit With Flash said...

wow. i hate creepy painting of kids.