Thursday, July 7, 2011

what i learned during my three day stint on a boat.

  1. twizzlers in a warm car smell like puke.
  2. never take your chapstick on a boat unless it's in a ziploc baggie or lake water will keep coming out of it for days.
  3. being afraid of heights and climbing up a giant sand hill only to realize you have to run down it at full speed is not smart.  unless falling down five times (either purposefully or accidentally) sounds like fun.
  4. gorp is golden. 
  5. beth is the female fredette. 
  6. whenever playing p-i-g always go after dan.
  7. speed scrabble is stressful and worth every random letter.  
  8. bathing in a lake is an experience everyone should have. it's amazing.
  9. i need a hybrid.  we only filled up once the entire trip. it cost thirty dollars.
  10. water fights between two boats in a channel are beyond intense and worth every bruise you get.
  11. riddles and brain games should warrant a college degree. i'd have a doctorate. 
  12. do you know the petals around the rose?
  13. greed/zilch is far too intense to be a simple dice game. 
  14. the name of the game is snaps.  snaps is the name of the game.
  15. pizza named after andy warhol and harry potter discussions in the night air are priceless.
  16. when you get slap happy at eleven p.m. you know you're tired.
  17. there is nothing better than gliding on water*.  nothing.
    *please keep in mind it was my first time ever on a wakeboard, and i only got up four times and stayed up for three-four seconds at most, but it was amazing and enough to get me hooked.   
  18. gas stations in fillmore like to play classics like bbmak's back here.  
  19. not having a cellphone for four days is a breath of fresh air.
  20. nothing beats the adrenaline rush you get jumping from tube to tube during your first tube war battle. 
  21. sometimes a throwback to high school music is necessary: yellowcard, simple plan, green day, mika. 
  22. i want to dry my hair while sitting on the front of a boat every day. 
  23. when the boys were in charge of picking music they selected the following: the click five, the moulin rouge soundtrack and sarah bareilles.  
  24. decision making was finally achieved.
  25. unknown is not worth your time. truuuuuust me. 
  26. lake powell is one of the most beautiful places i have ever seen.
  27. hiking and climbing up rocks then jumping off a house boat is the only way to go.
  28. next time, when standing on the edge of a "mini" cliff, just jump. waiting only increases anxiety.
  29. i never want to wear pants again.
  30. costume ideas cemented and harry potter plans set. let the party begin.  
  31. apparently saying "duplicates" or "multiples" when referring to twins is unacceptable. 
  32. i never want to get ready for the day ever again. 
  33. i have the greatest friends ever. 
  34. as much as i love being able to talk to my family and shower in hot water, i wish i never had to leave.  
once again, i apologize for the lack of photographic evidence, 
but life was too good for those four days to stop and snap a moment.  

i'm back and not quite black,
but brown is good enough for me. 


Anonymous said...

speed scrabble is worth the time you need therapy for the stress of that game. and pants are sooooo overrated!

kylee said...

lp is amazing. was this your first time going? i know that exact sand hill you're talking about. death walking up that thing. so tiring. coming down is the best. running, jumping, falling, avalanch creating. yesssss! bbmak is bomb and back here is my favorite song of theirs. i swear boys are always surprising with their music choices. always. they secretly love everything we love. backstreet boys included. amen to jumping off cliffs. i'm always the one who gets up there and stands around for a good 30 minutes before i get the guts to jump. and in the end i wonder what took me so long. next time i'm just running up and jumping off immediately.

ellie said...

boys chose those bands? what?!?!

Ashley said...

14. P.S. I love you???

P.S. I DO love you!