Sunday, July 17, 2011

this world is going to give me depression.

first the end of harry potter,
now this?!?!
i don't know how much more of this i can handle.

and on a sidenote:
is it just me, or does anyone else want to punch the voice box
of the tmz narrator? 
soooooo annoying. 


kylee said...

i have been obsessing over harry. just finished book number five and now at 12:30 am i'm going to watch the movie. i'm just battling the hp depression the only way i know how. overdose of harry. it's fine. i'm only slightly addicted.

Kandice said...

oh, brissa, where have you been, girl. is it weird that i feel like i miss you ? uh probably.

you know (and you'll probably disown me as a friend after telling you this) but i have never read the hp books...


but i think i might have read (or at least started) the first one because... who hasn't? i was honestly thinking about how you mentioned that hp has effected everyone. 'cause it has. sean makes fun of me because of how much i love the movies. i smile really big and interact with them in ways i don't with other movies. cool stuff. i do plan to read them and then read them again here soon once sean has finished but until then, i'm lame.

also, i hate this movie about vinny. i LOVE vinny and they were saying he was hardly a character ?? UM he was hilarious. paired with pauly d?? YEAH.

Hilary Mae said...

I'm crying...inside.
But not really.

Hilary Mae

whatevergatsby said...

i have no idea what to do with myself. i might have to resort to crocheting all the time and suppressing my hp quoting urges.

NOT. totally going to re-read them again and live in the past. that's the only life i know!

Ashley said...

seems he wised up :)

I woulda peaced out after a free trip to italy too! I'm still fuming over that, btw...that's these good-for-nothings got a FREE TRIP TO ITALY. The world is not fair.

Krystal said...

peace out vinny!

Becca and Derek said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Your Harry Potter post brought tears to my eyes.