Saturday, July 9, 2011


last night i watched 
with papa and sass.
i had completely forgotten how little everyone used to be
and how ridiculous malfoy's hair was.
so today's seven days of potter
is dedicated to draco malfoy's hair.
the sorcerer's stone introduced us
to the famous slicked back, sexy look that started it all.
but plain blonde wasn't good enough for the chamber of secrets,
so d-money was given platinum roots and pee colored locks.
in the prisoner of azkaban, draco showed us how true rebels did their hair.
because, let's be honest, 
nothing says, "i'm a bad boy" like greasy hair hanging down your face.
when it comes to the goblet of fire,
the only hair worth highlighting belongs to my favorite gingers. 
looking at it now it's a bit out of control,
but i think it's this hair that made me fall in love with rupert.
{i know...but i was young and it was cool.}
on the other hand,
this.....not so sexy. 
there was too much of this
going in the order of the phoenix to get a proper reading on draco's hair,
and this was the best picture of him i could find. 
as you can tell, we've stuck with the greasy forehead-do 
and even inspired a fellow classmate to bleach their hair.
i also may have gotten a little carried away with paint...
draco decides to class it up a bit with a side-part and shorter cut. 
in order to keep his bad-boy persona, he messes the front as if to say, 
"yeah, i own a brush, but sometimes i don't use it. what nooooow?" 
we see a receding hairline and a return to the slicked hair.
granted it's not as bad as it was originally, but, it's getting old. 
in conclusion,
 i think it's safe to say that no matter the style, 
draco is a fan of the super blonde and greasy. 
for those of you who are semi-crushing on malfoy
but wish his hair wasn't so bleached
and his skin wasn't so pale
so you could fully-crush on him, 
i present to you a fake-baked, normal-haired version. 
i am proud to say this is one blonde i am not attracted to.
which, given my curse, is kind of a big deal 


Courtney said...

This post CRACKED me up!! I've never noticed the evolution of Draco Malfoy's hair before but I love it: getting so excited for the last movie next weekend!

Nicole said...

i've loved tom felton since the first movie. legit, i wrote him fan mail all the time, and i even got a letter back from him one time! (ok, so maybe it wasn't from him. but it had his autograph on it!) so the fact that the last picture of him is GORGEOUS? i must thank you.

McKinley {Haolepinos} said...

I know we already talked about this... BUT SERIOUSLY!!! There were just little babies. I can't believe how much they have changed and I haven't even noticed until I watched the first one the other night too. PS did you watch it on ABC Family? ahhaha I did!

Ashley said...

"yeah, i own a brush, but sometimes i don't use it. what nooooow?"
I think I am going to use this line sometimes :)

I love the whole progression of this post!

katrina said...

i too watched harry poter and the sorcerer's stone last night. fantastic. i was in love with draco in the first two movies. i really dont know why now, but when i was a lil teeny bopper you couldn't keep me away from him. i even would cheat the online tests so that id be in slytherin, you know cause thats the only way we could date. my love for him was serious.

and i love your countdown posts. so much.

mandyface said...

Did you know he's in a band? You can have any kind of nappy hair you want when you're in a band, Brissa. That's why I tell people I'm lead vocals for The Snargaluff Pods.