Tuesday, June 14, 2011

attn: world

kelli knows how to throw a wedding.
like whoa. 
my brother and i agreed that it was the best wedding we've been to.
we sat on a bench and observed for a little while.
i wish i could have bottled up the love 
and give it to you. 
it was such a peaceful happiness.
and she looked beautiful.
i can't wait until pictures are posted so you can see them.
i thought about snapping a moment on my phone,
but it wouldn't have done the magic any justice.
just know it was amazing. 
i'll stop gushing now.
but really, their love was encompassing.

in other news,
james fell in love with cake pops.
toward the end of the reception he started eating them whole.
i think they began blocking his air intake but he didn't care.
death by cake pop would be his ideal way to go. 


Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

sounds amazing- I love when you can feel the love in a moment- I have never had a cake pop- I am for sure scared I would not be able to stop!

Blace said...

Her wedding pics are gorgeous!

kelli christine case said...

thanks girl! you rock! we had so much fun that day. i promise mine won't hold a candle to the wedding you'll throw one day.