Tuesday, May 10, 2011

informal business meeting.

can't decide.
please act as my brain and make a decision for me.
 here are some facts and figures for you intellectual types. 
pros: easy to hide for work. design options galore. looks awesome with ponytails/top knots. perfect for summer. ultimate party rock.
cons: the grow-out phase. constant upkeep. 

pros: adds spice to hair. able to keep length. can change up the color. grow out is less awkward. more noticeable. looks awesome when braided.
cons: bleaching is a pain. frequent need to recolor.
i'll expect a typed report with your decisions in the morning.
thank you for your time. 
meeting adjourned.

on a sidenote: go.watch.recreate.


emilymcb said...

this girl in my ward got a purple extension--it seriously looks real, and she can curl it or do whatever she does with her hair and it looks fine. maybe that's an option?

Kandice said...

Kandice Tolman
Blogger Assignment: Persuasive Essay

Why Brissa Should Get Steps


(First Paragraph-Idea 1)

(Second Paragraph-Idea 2)

(Third Paragraph-Idea 3)

(Fourth Paragraph-Reasons)

To conclude, when choosing between steps and coloring, steps should always be chosen. In Brissa's blog post she stated, "looks awesome with ponytails/top knots" (Porter, Brissa. Informal Business Meeting. Provo: Blogger, 2011). and she is exactly correct in that claim.

Alexandria said...

Do feather extensions! I just got some in. Fun, hippie-esque, greatttt colors (mine are red), and you can hide them under your hair if you don't want people to see them. BAM.

Blace said...

Kandice has the best response ever and I totally agree. When you can rock the steps, rock the steps.

Natasha Louise said...

I used to have a ton of colour extensions (real hair ones), single streak ones should be pretty cheap, and you can change up the colour every day if you want, No bleach needed!!!!! :)

Krystal said...

go for the color and then when that gets boring do the cut :)

katrina said...


Kallie Anna said...

feather extensions all the way! you can get a bunch of different colors, they're easy to remove and switch out, and you can wash/style your hair normally with them in :)

Cat said...

You are hilarious! I vote for the extension...ALL.THE.WAY. The steps are really rad but the "grow out" seems like a triple negative tally against them (sorry, steps).

xx Cat brideblu

Shelby said...

haha hilarious. i don't know too much about dying or extensions as i've never played around with either. however... i am terrified of permanence and too lazy to do a lot of upkeep so i'd just pick whatever is easier. thanks for stopping by my blog, i'd love to just give you my hair if i could, then there'd be no assignment! <3shelby


Paul said...

just bic it

Ashley said...

do what my friend did, keep it for awhile, and then when it's a hassle, get rid of it :)

Haylee said...

I'd say the first one. Because if worst comes to worst and you want to go back to your original hair, it's a lot easier (and cheaper) to die just a strip of hair as opposed to your entire head. You know? Plus I'm lovin the blue.