Thursday, May 19, 2011


please, please, please
tell me there are still people out there
who remember what life was like before 
youtube and facebook and hulu.
stupidvideos was king,
myspace was the network
and alluc offered thousands of pirated shows to watch.
life was simpler back then.
granted, i'm grateful for the change
in social networking sites,
but those sites = high school.
those sites are nights i would stay up late
to "study for ap american"
while finding new videos and laughing at classics with khyrie.
they remind me of catching up on every
episode of antm and one tree hill ever made.
changing my background and profile song
from this which got mister hipster interested,
to this just because i liked it,
and to this favorite
which also turned out to be the same song
on "wispy's" profile.
clearly, musical choices on a myspace profile
do not ensure your eternal happiness with a man.

moral of the story:
while i miss my friends, the concerts and freedom of youth,
i would never in a million years go back to the
awkward interactions with boys,
self-consciousness and
"high school" skin
to get it back.

life was good then
and life is good now.
best box of chocolates i've ever had.


Susanne said...

love the video, haha

kylee said...

myspace. i looooooved that site. i was the annoying girl who update her top friends every single day based on who was being nice or not.

Hilary Mae said...

loooooooooove this. hahahaha it is awesome.

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

This was great!! I love the ending :) And I too loved myspace!! It was so fun to change your song and background, facebook is so plain in comparison!

Ashley said...

oh man. I like that song, like a lot. hahaha. Is that weird?

Seeeee, I'm older, so I even remember when freakin' Napster came out and it would take an hour or so to illegally download a song ;D

Kandice said...

i would spend hours making my profile awesome on myspace. and hours filling out those bulletin surveys. i hated fb and never knew why that was always mentioned in advertising instead. myspace just.... was.