Thursday, April 28, 2011


i'm up to my eyeballs in projects at work.
really, really tedious projects.
like "formatting ten chapters of a book
for monday morning" tedious.
especially because everything has to line up perfectly.
so you'll just have to 

for not being interesting/here these next few days.
gossip girl 


chelse said...

can't get better than arrested development!

Kandice said...

brissa. you have no idea how excited i get when i come to your blog and see a brand spankin' new post of more proof we were separated at birth.

and then i get incredibly sad when i think about all the years we've lost... playing barbies and house together...

i love arrested development and how tobias never takes off his shorts even when he showers.

also and a super side note here..
and to say it takes away from its awesome but i must do it anyway..
i love how you ended this post.