Monday, April 11, 2011

death by finals.

school is literally killing me.
i'll be lucky if i get four hours of sleep in a twenty-four hour period.
i might be gone for a little bit. 
and by gone i mean i'll probably just post once a day
instead of my usual 7billion times. 
don't hate me.
and now,
 a moment of silence
as we all shake our fists at the sky
and curse institutions of higher learning 
for murdering their students with finals, projects and stress.

oh, and good luck to you too.


Carrie Ann said...

i agree with you, brissa, i might die in the next two days.

kylee said...

finals will be the death of us all. good luck miss brissa. and please tell me i get to party with you on saturday!

Sasha said...

Good luck! I wish many easy questions and lucky guesses upon you! hahahaha... oh, and love the "you can do it!" video.