Tuesday, March 1, 2011

wanna split an icecube?

last wednesday beth and i accepted this challenge.
that's right.
i am happy to report that so far so good!
i thought it was going to be a lot harder than it's turning out to be.
when i went home for the weekend i told ashley
and let me tell you, homegirl was a nazi.
i was cooking on the main floor and heard her yell,
"you better not be eating sugar!!"
from her bedroom...on the top floor....
then when beth and i were texting through our withdrawals
she mentioned the treats she bought for the fireside.
i said "ooooh banana splits!"
she snapped her head toward me,
glared and the following conversation took place.

a:  no. no banana splits. we can get you a frozen yogurt later.
b:  nope. i can't even have frozen yogurt.
a:  fine, then we can freeze you up some water then. 

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