Monday, March 21, 2011

she should be punished

i just saw a girl carrying mockingjay.
she said she bought it the week it came out and
"hasn't gotten to it yet."
that should have been her first priority last year!!!
i mean, i know it took me a little while to finish
but honestly, seven months?!?!
what is wrong with people these days?
the hunger games wait for no one.


Mary said...

My life stopped when I got those books. I'm pretty sure I locked myself in my room and had zero social life.

Kandice said...

hahahahahahah i LOVE this post and... feel somewhat guilty about it as well.

i was a hunger game addict last year. beeelieve me, i was. LOVED the first book, couldn't wait for catching fire, read that one up in five seconds as soon as i could and waited not-so-patiently for mockingjay and... when it finally came out it was being passed around my family and i was far down on the list so i asked for it for my birthday this past december. i got the trilogy, started reading and then... haven't had time to finish.

i punish myself daily for this crime. hahah

Carrie Ann said...

yeah. I didn't do anything the day it took me to read each one. which was unfortunate, as i read 2 of the 3 during finals.

katrina said...

i imagined lilo (stitch's bff) saying your title.

its true, she should be punished.