Friday, March 18, 2011

farewell to all my friends

to the man who invented the yoplait yogurt container,
i hate you.
while your container is aesthetically appealing 
and contains delicious dairy goodness
your container itself sucks.
i am able to scrape the sides clean,
i can use my tongue to clear out yogurt from under the lip at the top,
but i cannot for the life of me salvage any of the yogurt from the bottom.
do you have any idea how much yogurt that wastes?
do you?!?!!
this much.
r.i.p. to the remains of my strawberry-kiwi breakfast.
granted i didn't try very hard and i was working with a plastic fork
but that is beside the fact.
spoon or not, your invention still sucks.


Brittany said...

haha so funny! I completely agree! I buy the huge containers now and just put it in a bowl so i can eat as much as i want! :) happy friday!

Carrie Ann said...

it's so true. every single time i eat a yoplait yogurt, i want to punch that man in the face.

Andrea said...

Bahaha! SERIOUSLY! you speak the truth