Tuesday, February 22, 2011

ya crackhead!

today i ran into my friend on campus.
he's one of those "guy guys" if that makes sense.
he trains with the football team,
is obsessed with sports,
[thinks] he's suave with the ladies,
 and calls me a 'crackhead' far too often.
he also has a tendency of saying things you don't expect. 

*at work*
him: do you read blogs?
me: uhh yeah, why?
him: have you heard of the sartorialist? it's this crazy fashion blog. i've been stalking it all morning, you should check it out. it's crazy!! but some of it is actually really cool!
him: pssst! hey, come here. i have something to ask you. 
me: hold on, i need to go clock in. 
him: hurry!!
me: what is it?
him: do you watch the bachelor?
me: yeah, i just started why?
him: i needed to talk to someone about it!
me:  how about that crazy face michelle?
him: don't even get me started!!
me: did you watch yesterday?
him: ooh yeah. it was good. my favorite episode yet. 
me: ahh! don't tell me! i haven't seen it yet. 
him: i think you're going to be surprised with who was his favorite
me: shhh!
him: but really...it's my favorite episode so far. 


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