Tuesday, February 1, 2011

like a knife through butter

just got caught up on the bachelor.
and let me tell you, it was spicy!!!
the teasers looked soo good.
i just wish crazy face michelle would leave.

i'm tired and wish i could sleep.
oh the joys of being a college student.

is anyone else experiencing this crazy wind?!
it's like mother nature has it out for us!
i wish i were joking when i say it cuts but i'm not.
this bitter wind slices through my layers like 
{insert witty/original slicing reference, i'm too tired to try/care}

on a sidenote: i love this video


Krista said...

So crazy Michelle's ex-husband is one of the founders of my company so everyone at my work knows him and her. She's completely crazy in real life too.

Krista said...

Ok so I don't know her and I've only met the ex a couple times because he left the company right before I started. But she divorced him and basically she never sees their daughter. She had an affair with Carlos Boozer and then she sued him because he promised her he'd always take care of her so she quit her job and then he stayed with his wife or something like that. She wants to be an actress. She's in a new Mormon movie called Midway to Heaven. This is basically what I know.

kylee said...

this wind is going to be the death of me.