Sunday, January 9, 2011

this is the story of how i got a gig at a chinese restaurant.

[part 1]
my friends and i were playing rockband on a saturday night.
justin started complaining about violent stomach pains due to the lack of food in his belly.
davey yelled "justin wants to go to @12!!!"
so after playing 'hands down' by dashboard
we piled into beffie's car and headed to fill our figurative tanks.
[part 2]
after a delicious meal of half chow mein, half rice, 
tangerine chicken and some 'cream chees wontons'
{please note this is how they spelled it.
they also have 'fried shrim'}.
reilly and i went into the party room and starting singing
operatic aaah's and oooh's.
then i started singing amazing grace.
[part 3]
at this point in the story, the manager of the store turns on the light in the empty party room and comes in to watch/listen. 
startled, we apologize for singing to which he quickly replies
"no no no! this is what the room is for!  i need more decorations!"
i then told him i would come back and bring my bongos next time.
he began a very enthusiastic air guitar performance. 
{please don't ask me why he thought bongos meant guitar,
i'm still trying to figure that one out myself.}
we also laughed/joked about me coming back every friday until i died. 
but i secretly think we were both serious.
i know i was.
[part 4]
i posted the following status on facebook:
everyone believed me.
three 'likes' and the following comments:
"my boyfriend has his artwork up at the place! hahaha"
"lol the wanna be panda express nice"
"singer??? what? is that place good? i've wanted to try it!"
"you sing"
"does that mean you can get me free food if i come watch?!?!"
"bri$$a that is awesome!"
"can you hit me up with some free food?"
{please note none of these were edited.  
clearly some of my friends need to rehook themselves on phonics.}
my personal favorite is the "you sing"? one.
this little adventure also taught me my friends are moochers.
all this happened while watching easy a.
i laughed and shared the internet updates with me amigos and they said 
"didn't we just get done watching a movie about a lie that went a little too far?"
so i decided to explain my story just like olive.
in four parts.
now if only i had this waiting for me outside my window...
that sexy penn...gets me everytime.

purpose of the story: come see me next friday at @12 chinese cuisine because trust me, i will be singing.
any requests?


Justin Traasdahl said...

I request a ballad. Preferably by Celine. Thank$.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

i just watched this movie! love him. and let's be honest, emma stone is the next big thing.