Sunday, January 9, 2011


went up to the cabin for a little birthday fiesta.
ate some pazookie.
{i understand the whole 'handsome rob' thing now.}
conversation = interesting.
arrested development mini-marathon.
such a random assemblage of people.
awkward moments = golden. 
after party with the homiez.
sleeping in = delicious.
homework =  not so delicious.
watched the most random tv ever with jess.
decisions made: we're bringing back the big hair and 80s clothes.
awkward/silent house guest.
mini-rockband rockout session
{mini = 30-45 minutes only because people were "starving"}.
@12 chinese cuisine.
spicy peppers.
{public displays of vocal chords}
after party again
this time with feet talk.

this weekend = just the break i needed.

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