Thursday, January 20, 2011

i think my stomach just exploded...

starbucks has done the unthinkable
and created a size bigger than the venti (591 mL).
introducing the trenta.
a cup that is 16 mL bigger than the average capacity of an adult human stomach.
confused with all the numbers?
here's a diagram for you visual learners {aka: me}

honestly, what is this going to do for anyone?
those drinks are freaking HUGE
and have "enough caffeine to stand in for a defibrillator."
i find it ridiculous.
i also think it's just another reason for europe to poke fun
at our obsession with  all things
oh, and another contributor to our
problem of obesity.
think of how many kids guzzle these iced beverages?
if that's an average adult stomach,
a kid's is smaller.
i honestly think stomachs will explode and people will go crazy
as a result of so much caffeinated drank.

but it's perrrrfect for hot chocolate.
mmm baby!

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