Wednesday, December 22, 2010

i get high with a little help from my friends.

every christmas since graduation,
 the brat pack has gotten together
and had a reunion of sorts.

  make fun of beth getting hit by a car.
confession session.

mario kart party at beffie's.
confession session.
new years eve party. 

head to ali's house in logan.
{view from kitchen}
eat sushi & aggie ice cream
{failed group shot}
spy/take ninja pictures. 
{rest are too ninja to share with the inter-web}
shop for breakfast foods. aka cereal.
discovered this classy brand: 
play quelf. watch elf.
confession session.
realized hil and i both wear our shoes fancy ways.
{over-sized sweats tucked into cowboy booties
and fuzzy socks that make feet too big to fit into flats}
oh, kids, i love those girls.
i look forward to these little reunions every year. 
they're the highlight of my holiday break.

note to self: next year bring an actual camera to document such greatness.  
the ultimate pizzle while great, does not substitute for an actual camera.  

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