Sunday, November 14, 2010

knee how.

ni hao mah.
that's chinese for hello.
some of you may be asking yourselves
"now why would brissa be greeting us in chinese?"
well let me tell you why.
because i've been called asian three times in the past two days.
i think it might have something to do with this face.
apparently a blunt fringe gives me a reporter face.
aaand it reminds my mama of when i was a three year old.
granny liked it because she said i could now snag
"two types of boys"
because apparently being able to style your hair various ways
helps you get a man...?

wigga way whhhat?!


Krista said...

Of course I love this hair! You look hotttttt.

lauren said...

its funny you say this because I was going to tell you that you look like an asian model in the best way possible but I thought you might be offended..

Anna said...

I love it. You hott.

Brissa said...

hahaha lauren. i wouldn't get offended.
and thanks ladies!! :)