Tuesday, November 9, 2010


last night i went grocery shopping.
lolita and i decided that we were too tired to walk
so we took advantage of the jazzy's smith's had to offer.
 please ignore the fact that i look like a homeless person.
i'm a wee bit under the weather.
  trust me kids when i tell you
that shopping in a jazzy is a BILLION times better than walking.
i felt like i was really able to enjoy my time in each aisle.
i just need to work on my reverse skills and i think i can get licensed.  
i finally understand all those senior citizen in those hoveround commercials.*
i'd TOTALLY go to the grand canyon in one of those bad boys.
back to the point of this post.
when i got home i realized i had sat on my bread the whole way back.
i smashed half of it.
behold, butt bread.

*did anyone else laugh at how the hoveround phone number is 1.800.123.1234? brilliant.  simply brilliant. 

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