Thursday, October 14, 2010

stalk for stripes

one day i saw that i had a comment and clicked. 
it was from a complete stranger.
i thought to myself "what the whhhat?!! someone other than my friends/family reads these ramblings?!" 
and i'm not gonna lie kids, i felt cool.  legit even.  
anyway, i clicked on her blog and read and read and read. 
i should probably be embarassed by telling you that i read everything but i'm not. 
it's that good.
and if you're reading this, please don't get creeped, but bridget, you've been completely stalked. 
back to the point of this post.
my blog friend 
{yes, i consider us blog friends even if she thinks i'm just a creeper}
is having a giveaway because she's just cool like that.
 isn't that hat darling?! 
and yes that's her and her husband and their love.

i tell you this because
a) i want to be one step closer to having that hat on my head.
b) if you don't already follow her blog you better. trust me.


Kelsey Jamison said...

love her! thanks for following her - now i do too!

Bridget said...

ummm so not creeped out, just feeling loved. i mean isnt having reading blogs/being a blogger basically non-creepy stalking to an extent? im goin with YES!

thanks girl.

Brissa said...

whew!! what a relief! and you are absolutely right!