Monday, April 19, 2010

what up cracka?!

hey papa.
for everything.
i can't even begin to explain or list off everything i'm grateful for.
thanks for believing in me and telling me i can.
thanks for never letting me forget who i am.
thanks for not letting me give up. 
thanks for always saving the national geographic issues 
and giving them to me along with my bank statements every time i come home. 
thanks for letting me drive the car.
thanks for waiting in line for me to get my license.
thanks for talking.
thanks for listening.
thanks for singing that song when i cry.
i love you.
a lot a lot.

happy birthday {hangover} kid.
sorry i missed it on the real day.
i was too busy surprising you.

have a good one.
i love you.
five + one = rockin.
it'll be good.
trust me.

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