Monday, March 22, 2010


i felt like this past week was a spring break of sorts for me.
aside from my homework suicide on monday,
i haven't really touched the stuff.
it felt good.
i needed a break.
but now i'm going to kill myself this week with everything i have to do.
don't you hate it when the world decides to slap you in the face
with mountains of "to-do's" that just can't be pushed back?
wheeell children,
i hope your week ahead isn't too hectic.
and if it is, hang in there, you can do it.
and if you'd like, we can get together and discuss our hectic lives
over a cup of a "simply {something}" beverage.
lemonade has been my favorite, but apple is good.
and lemonade with raspberry?
nectar of the gods.


beth said...

can we?
this is my week from hell.
and yet i'm still not motivated to do anything.

beth said...

good luck with your week!
you can do it.