Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Ezra had an early nap, so Jude and I snuck into the backyard for a few hours. She played in the pool, kicked the soccer ball around, threw some rocks and even picked up an ant (because apparently she loves bugs now...?).  Homegurl only stopped for some blackberries, Mama Angel's wheat bread and some snuggles(!). Do you have any idea how special I feel to be ranked above the pool or soccer? Do you?!! 

She even shared her blackberries with me. When Jude turns to you with one of her favorite foods and asks, "some?" before shoving said food in your mouth, you're in. I mean, I'm her mom, so I was a shoo-in for the best friend spot, but stttiiiilll! It's kind of cool to know your kids like being with you as much as you like being with them. 

I'm not going back on what I said about fall, but summer with this girl* has been the bee's knees. 

*and Ezra, obviously, but he's only eight months so he just does baby things like rolling or crawling or drooling or laughing. So still fun, just a different fun. Just wait until next year when he's her age and she's two and a half. Oh the havoc that will be wreaked! 

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