Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I like my air like I like my chicken nuggets. Crispy.

Last week we went to Costco to stock up on burgers and buns for a barbecue we're having with friends tonight. We were looking at the buns when I asked Cory if I should just pick up an 8-pack at Smith's instead. "I don't know why you keep thinking summer is over. It's barely August. 
We still have three months left of grilling season."
I guess he's technically right but, if we're being completely honest, he's also 1000% wrong. 

I think my internal clock is synced with Target. And right now Target has their back-to-school stuff set up and mama's in full on fall mode over here. AAAAND Michael's has most of their fall and Halloween decorations 50% off. So I did what any sane person obsessed with fall would do. Dropped $20 on candles, watercolor paper and paint. Because these chilly mornings are begging for creation.

Every year I feel like I wake up when fall comes. The crisp morning air gives me life. I love that I have to turn off our ceiling fan in the morning because the house is 68* and it's just too cold. I live for the nights we sit on the deck. Cory sprawls out on his chair and sips his cream soda trying will summer to last a little longer. I huddle across from him with the goofiest grin on my face and make up songs about needing a sweater because it's chilly. While I sing Cory rolls his eyes and calls me ridiculous and I get the giddy stomach shakes because sweater weather is coming and hi, could I be any more basic? 

I guess what I'm trying to say is fall is here whether Cory likes/believes it or not. 
It's here and I am l o v i n g it. 

tbt to some previously posted pictures of Jude from last fall because I just can't help myself! 

Oh, and I guess I'm trying out proper capitalization again. My brain is trying to convince me that since I'm almost 26 I should probably start taking myself seriously, but we'll see how long that lasts.


Alissa said...


My nails are currently painted a ~mustard yellow~ and I ran my grubby little hands all over the Halloween stuff at Michael's last week.

But you know who is not basic? Jude. Girl can rock a headband!

meg bird said...

"I think my internal clock is synced with Target"

hahahaha you need to be famous.

but seriously, what is this that happens at the end of July? it seems exclusive to women. as soon as the sun sets even slightly earlier, as soon as there is the tiniest bit of frost on my car windows in the morning, I am in Fall mode! Candles, socks, twinkle lights. I'm plotting our front porch display already. HERE'S TO FALL!