Thursday, July 16, 2015

three is basically nbd at this point.

first. second. third.
i fully expect these birth announcements to get more and more casual with each baby. 
it's just so on brand for me. 

here we are again. 
another year, another baby in the christensen household.
and boy howdy* are we excited!
like, really, really excited. 

i'm 17 weeks along and due december 23.
we're planning on being induced the week before his due date.
because HIIIII, 
i know we're crazy for having three babies in three years
but we're not crazy enough to have back-to-back birthdays.

in case that hint got lost in there, 
we're having a
we would have been thrilled either way, 
but we can't wait to have another cory clone running around.
despite being outnumbered, jude and i still run this joint.

oh! and before i forget.
(because, honestly, this is all anyone cares about.)
jude will almost be two and ezra will be one
when this next baby is born.
so for a week, we'll have three babies one and under
before we upgrade to three under two.
it's so ridiculous and so, so wonderful.

we have a name picked out
but have opted to keep it a secret from the internet this time.
just trying to be mysterious and keep up with the kardashian's. 
speaking of the kardashian's...
it looks like kim and i will be doppleganging each other again for halloween this year.
oh pregnant kim, thank you.
thank you for everything. 

*i've never said that before, and i don't know how i feel about it. 
i'm not 100% for it, but i don't hate it enough to delete it. 
which is basically my motto with life lately.
i don't love this outfit, but i don't hate it enough to exert the energy to change it.
i don't love this snack of hummus and carrots but i'm too lazy to make brownies.
that last line was deceiving. 
i've literally had carrots and humus three times this pregnancy. 
one day my body will be mine again to "exercise" with or whatever, 
but until then, we feast!


Maggey Grace said...


Keep sprouting.

Jude needs a sister. :)

Maggey Grace said...

ps what's your BC method because I might need 2 reevaluate mine. ;)


Christensen Family said...

This is AWESOME! Seriously. You've totally got this. But if you run into a rough day, please come visit me. My kids can entertain your babies while I make you brownies and you lay on my couch. I would love it. Congrats!!!! Kristen

Jessica Daly said...

This is the best birth announcement life update ever. I think you're absolutely incredible. But seriously I lol' ed on Howdy, but in a really good way.

Lita said...

Hahaha this post had me seriously laughing out loud! Congrats on your new soon-to-be addition! I am so glad I came across your cute blog :)

Nicole P. said...

HAHA! How is it even possible to have three kids under 1?!!? Mad props to you, mama. Mad mad props.

Lex said...

Congrats!!! So excited for you!