Wednesday, February 25, 2015

a desk: woman's best friend.

on valentine's cory, jude, ezra and i braved ikea. we bought pillows and a rug for the playroom, picture frames for the living room and a desk just for me. it's white and perfect. cory set it up for me and it proudly sits in the corner of our living room next to a giant window.

i love having a desk again. i always had a desk throughout my childhood and into college. it was my place to sit and write (read: google best-dressed lists or stalk blogs or watch netflix while i painted my nails). it was my place. brandy had her own little corner in her own little chair and i had my desk. 

it's taken me almost three years to realize why my writing has suffered. it may sound dramatic (and it probably is), but in losing my desk, i lost a little bit of myself. i didn't have a special place to write so i didn't. i can feel a void when i don't write. i know exactly what is missing every time i feel like i'm not moving forward. so i finally did something about it. hopefully having a big piece of furniture staring me in the face every day will help me get my act together. 

so here's to fresh starts in february. 
here's to clean, white desks and using nap time to write instead of shower. 
here's to doing what makes me happy. 
here's to finding myself again. 


Elizabeth Baier said...

hi! i'm not sure if you just want to write for fun and/or just for you, but i do know someone who is looking for freelancers (write a blog once a week for his company). let me know if you want me to connect you two.

-Danica- said...

And here's to me getting to sit back and be entertained by your blogs. Ilyooooouuuuu

Cassie Traasdahl said...

love this. love you.

meg bird said...

I love that you're taking steps to take care of your needs along with your family's. I think that's inspiring. It made me think about a desk dilemma I have. We do have a desk, but it's in the kitchen because it doesn't really fit anywhere else. I want it in the bedroom because the kitchen tends to be a bit chilly. But the bedroom is full as it is. *Sigh* first world problems.