Monday, January 5, 2015

wiiknd: every time we pull out jude's amoxicillin she goes, "mmm!"

snuggly jude.
sick jude.
sad jude.
after hours doctor's visit.
verdict: double ear infection. 

the best saturday.
mommy + jude.
giggles & snuggles & kisses.
cory cleaned errthang.
apple scented venison roast.
bangin' gravy. 
baby snuggles.
perfect day. 

cinnamon sugar butter toast.
rehab addict.
the office finale.
"i'm just so happy. thank you for everything."
corn chowder. 
a spotless house. 
the blacklist. 


Mary said...

blacklistblacklistblacklist [so glad you are with me in this obsession]

kyliebrooke|s said...

apple scented venison roast?!?!?! THAT SOUNDS AMAZING.
glad you had a lovely weekend!

Ashley said...

Jude's addiction is my weakness...I'm allergic to amoxicillin!

Maggie Mattinson said...

we just finished the office this week (having both got to season 6 in the past and never finishing) and that series finale OH MY GOODNESS. it blew every other series finale so far out of the water. I cried at least four times.

get better jude <3

Anna said...

The blacklist is our jam these days. Gotta love that James Spader. Also, I hear sick babies can sometimes be the best because they are so snuggly. But still! Wishing Jude a speedy recovery!