Monday, December 22, 2014

and just like that, one year has passed.

happy birthday baby girl.

thank you for making me a mommy
and for being my best friend. 
you make life so, so wonderful.
i love you forever and ever and ever. 

photo: madi


Tiffany said...


Kayla said...

happy birthday to my sweet baby jude! (yes, i just called her mine.) B you make the most beautiful humans. jude is going to grow up to be the coolest because you are her mama. thanks for making 2 perfect humans.

Maggie Mattinson said...

why does Jude all of the sudden look so grown up and old and man did the time fly and now there are TWO ginger babies and so much more to love. you are wonderful and you are THE coolest mom. jelly of these two babies who get to call you mom.