Thursday, November 6, 2014


jude decided to start occasionally walking four steps at a time.
each time she's tried, food has been involved.
like mother, like daughter. 

the following are her favorite words to say:
mama, dada, daddy, 
hi, hiya, puppy, baby, bye-bye, happy
and, of course, mmmmmm.

she likes to wave and say "hiiii" to people when we're in public
and is always confused when they don't wave back.
luckily that doesn't stop her from continuing to smile and wave at them.
ten months old and she's already learning to kill with kindness.

and this,
because i cannot think
of a more perfect picture to capture exactly who she is right now.
a happy little chubster who would give up her unborn brother for popcorn.
whoever said food can't make you happy was probably eating kale.

*to be said/sung like *nsync's dirty pop.
just doing my part to raise her right. 


Tiffany said...

"unborn brother" ... what in the world have i missed! now i must go through all your posts :) jude is so adorable though! looks just like you!

Pop Champagne said...

haha aw that is so cute, and yeah food is a good motivation no matter how old you are ;)

Ashley said...

She definitely is a little Brissa!