Wednesday, October 15, 2014

these are some of the pieces of gold in my tray-zure chest.

when cory was in the car in front of us
and i could see him dancing to "shake it off"
and i couldn't stop laughing because he shakes it so great.

when we got out of our cars in the mall parking lot
and cory said, "i saw you rocking out to bohemian rhapsody."
and i said, "how did you know?!"
and i knew it was true love because we both changed the stations
in our separate cars from today's pop to classic rock without knowing.

when jude grabbed cory's face with both of her
chubby little hands and gave him a big kiss out of nowhere.

when jude says, "mmmmmm!"
every time i put her in her high chair
and every time she wants more food.

jude's baby shakespeare hand.

sitting in the dark living room 
after cory gets back from young men's
and talking about our life and our plans
and how we should decorate our living room.

watching an episode of "the office" 
each night and squeezing each other's hands
when pam and jim are cute.
even though we know they end up together,
the suspense kills me e v e r y t i m e. 

in other news, jim is about to transfer to stamford
and i just hate karen so, so much. 


Kayla said...

the shakespeare hand! do you have a picture of it yet?

kyliebrooke|s said...

jim + pam 4eva.
i get you on wondering how it's all going to turn out even though i've seen those season apprx 937 times.

same with ross and rachel.

it's just a thing. it's regular.

meg bird said...

hahaha oh my gosh I love you so much. And how you and your husband clearly have the Jim-Pam connection.

Andrea said...

Karen is the worst.

Kelli Anderson said...

love that we're not the only ones still watching the office on repeat.

Megan Thorne said...

karen is the worst and also ann...that poor actress, i just hate her!