Friday, December 27, 2013


after my mom.
the woman who taught me to love life
and writing and reading and sunsets.
the woman who always tells the best bedtime stories
and constantly teaches me what it means to be strong.
the woman whose example of service and selflessness
have softened my heart and made it grow.
laura, after my hero.

after my mom's aunt.
the woman who saved her life.
who lifted her up to the car when a little dog came running.
the woman who, instead of my mom, was bit on the ankle, got rabies
and died a month before her wedding.
the woman who loved my mom like a daughter.
judith, because she is part of the reason
you are here today.

because we like it.
because it's short and sweet.
because your dad's love for the beatles
wouldn't have it any other way.
jude, because it's perfect.


Alissa said...

It's perfect. All of it.

:: ashley :: said...

That's an amazing story, what a lucky little lady to be named after such wonderful women!

kylie said...

amazing namesakes. what a legacy.

Anna said...

Wow. This is perfect.

Kari said...

Perfection. Cutest name and even better meaning behind it. I just adore you and your family. Jude is the CUTEST!!!

Christina @ The Murrayed Life said...

chills. I wish our little girl had a name like this coming.

Emma Jane said...

This is the absolute cutest. Jude is such a perfect little name for your little ball of joy. :)

Tightrope to the Sun

Harley said...

love this namesake. she is a complete and total doll. my husband and i watched your little video this morning and we was wiping tears away from his eyes. she is just a absolute dream. she is so lucky to have you for a mom. i can't wait to watch her grow.

Sara said...

Crying after every post, tweet and insta. IS THIS MY LIFE NOW?