Monday, November 4, 2013

wiiknd: white chili may be my new addiction.

restless sleep.
"let's go on a date."
costco + best buy + target.
shel silverstein gold mine.
search for 'the little mermaid.'
window treatments.
clearance find.
the voice x2.

early up.
mid-morning nap.
kitkat's on the brain.
football all day.
the bling ring.
needs moar hermione.

ready in record time.
power outage = church cancelled.
grilled cheese.
constant hunger.
half-time nap.
baby birthday party.
white chili heaven.
the voice x2.
tomorrow = 6 weeks left.

1 comment:

Jessica McGuire said...

It gives me warm fuzzies when people use the term window treatments. Love this. 6 weeks!!