Monday, November 25, 2013

wiiknd: give me all the mashed potatoes then give me christmas.

christmas tree fluffing.
snowflake assembly.
online christmas shopping.
slight freak-out.
talk prep.
talk prep procrastination.
christmas decorating.
parks and rec.
fake nails ftw.

baby shower.
ham&swiss sliders.
tiny outfits.
a homemade quilt = tears.
speedy labor (horror) stories.
baby shower take two.
tiny sandwiches.
tiny outfits.
spanglish conversations.
"mami, grandma doesn't speak spanish."
spotless house = world's best husband.
talk prep.
wreck-it ralph.

awake at four.
awake at five.
awake at six.
awake at seven.
all the tears.
matie cuddles.
thank you cards.
burgers + root beer floats.
the great back scratch debate.
matie hugs.

"what are you doing?"
"make sure to talk about how sexy i am."


Alissa said...

Ham and swiss sliders? Excuse me while I drool all over myself.

Krystal said...

haha love the last part!! and how was the baby shower?!

Anna said...

This is one of my favorite wiiknd posts.