Monday, October 21, 2013

wiiknd: the chick-fil-a- sauce was especially crack-like on friday.

early morning goodbye.
lazy morning.
baby errands.
baby shower for sara.
magic oils.
"the kitty hurt me!"
so many baby bellies.
"now let's cup each other's bellies."
cory = hunting.
brissa = freedom to take over the bed.
deleting facebook "friends."

rocky stomach.
diaper bag swag.
maple pumpkin pecan cheesecake baking.
tv catch-up.
matie time.
babysitting meltdown.
orange chicken.
modern family.
extreme couponers.
1 am clean-a-thon.

early to rise.
air-dried curls.
freshly painted nails.
cory = home. life = good.
so many hugs and little face kisses.
jamie's birthday dinner.
"we haven't brought up the salem witch trials for a while..."
namesake history.
car dance party.
modern family.
nighttime cuddles.
sweet, sweet slumber.

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Christina @ The Murrayed Life said...

I remember being able to stay up until 1 doing whatever crazy thing I felt like doing with the knowledge that I could just sleep when I so chose. Now those were the days. ENJOY.