Wednesday, October 23, 2013

*drops the mic and walks away*

last night we played rockband
until our bodies gave out.
you banged those drums good
and i murdered every song with my rusty vocal chords.
far from our prime,
we were occasionally off-key and off-beat
but nothing could smack the smiles off our faces.

years of unplayed dust shook off our bodies
as we fell into a groove.
it was familiar but new.
i felt like i was trying to impress you all over again.
we didn't have our respective bands.
or outfits.
or discoballs. 
we were starting fresh.
taking our individual addictions
and combining them into a super power.
circa 2010. we were nothing without cristofer drew. 

moral of the story:
it is such a good thing we don't have apartment neighbors anymore.
we've got 53 days until babygurl gets here,
and i bet you five dollars
we will be spending each of them rocking out as loud as our speakers will allow. 

author's note:
i don't have any pictures of cory's rockband days.
but sources tell me he wore short-shorts and a tank top
and was always the designated drummer.
i have a feeling it looked something like this.
we were literally mfeo. 


Christina @ The Murrayed Life said...

perfect. I miss my rockband days, and in our moving craze, WE SOLD IT. Probably for far less than it was worth. I think that's the whole reason we bonded, the whole path to our marriage. I think it deserved to be played at our wedding.

beth said...

I love this so much. Can we please have a Rockband party before baby gurl gets here??

Alissa said...

I want to join your band! UGH, Rockband used to be my favorite weekend activity. I was the drummer though, so WATCH OUT CORY.

I'm going to snap chat you a picture.

Lauren Hall said...

53 DAYS?