Friday, September 13, 2013

we make the hipsters fall in love.

hey september,
what up?
i feel like i have a lot to catch up on.
like an overwhelming amount of a lot.
but since everything seems overwhelming right now, 
i'm just going to ignore the catch up altogether.

cory and i just got back from hawaii.
the things i miss most are:
macadamia ice cream.
coconut macadamia shrimp.
matsumoto shaved ice.
plate lunches.
kalua pork.
mac salad.
coconut crispies.
oh, and like the beach or whatever.

now that we're back "in america"
we're in packing mode.
i hate packing mode.
i tend to pack at my own pace and am usually accompanied
by an antm marathon. 
it helps ease the pain. 
but yesterday cory took the tv over to our house 
so i'm basically forced to pack distraction free and it's killing me.

one day i'll post some hawaii pictures (mostly food related)
and talk about how much i loved the green mountains
and my first experience with cankles,
but for now these recently discovered snaps will have to do.
any and all distractions and/or youtube recommendations
would be greatly appreciated
in my time of need.


kylee said...

just find a good vine and let it loop. i bet it will just get funnier and funnier each time.

Emma Jane said...

These are some A+ snapchats. If people aren't using snapchats to look like fools with their friends, they are doing it wrong.

Youtube guilty pleasures to pass your time... soulpancake does really inspiring videos. So i love them.

On a funnier side of youtube, I love DailyGrace and Hanna Hart. They make me giggle and they are fun to have as background noise.

Tightrope to the Sun

Amber Christensen said...

You have snapchat again?! What app?! I can't find one!

carla thorup said...

i've never been to hawaii but i will avoid going while pregnant if it means cankles. those suckers are bad news bear.