Wednesday, September 25, 2013

don't let the sun go down on me.

as i cooked dinner,
you set up the bookshelf in the study.
i measured and poured and stirred
while you adjusted shelves and wiped them off with a t-shirt.

i played elton john loud enough
we could hear him upstairs and down.
loud enough to be truly felt.

i quietly sang along while the two of you serenaded me. 
elton was cool and emotional and, well...elton.
you sang your heart out.
loud and proud, occasionally straining to hit a note
and it didn't matter.
 you didn't hold back because you didn't have to.

monday night has been one of my favorite moments.
hearing you sing your heart out because you could.
because you were excited and proud.
because you were home. 

good heavens,
i love you.


Alissa said...



Emma Jane said...

This is gorgeous. This is the most lovely thing I've read to date. I cannot wait for this sort of true love.

Tightrope to the Sun

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Madi said...

teach me how to write? i could read your stuff all day.

Catherine said...

perfection, as always.

blasting elton makes a home even more of a home. we grew up doing that on saturday mornings, along with many other classics. :)