Friday, March 15, 2013

as i cried, the weight lifted.

yesterday i left a job 
i hated.

i said goodbye to a place
i felt unappreciated.

i emptied drawers
that had been collecting self-doubt.

i turned in my key
and cashed in unused vacation days.

i got in my car,
rolled down the windows, 
blasted this song on repeat
and cried the whole way home.

i cried because i did it.
i took a stand
and finally said "enough!"
i cried because i realized
 it's okay.

it's okay to quit something that destroys you.
it's okay to be proud of yourself for quitting.
it's okay to be free.
it's okay to be appreciated.
it's okay to take time and figure life out.

and for the first time in six months,
my traditional after-work-tears were happy.
my soul smiled 
and i felt free.


maggeygrace said...

YAY FOR YOU!!!!!!!! i'm so happy for you. sometimes you just have to do the thing you need to do. and it's a GOOD feeling. and you're left wondering why you didn't do that thing before because of how free you feel. <3<3

Mary said...

This post makes me so happy! So beautifully written. Yay for you! Yay for freedom!

Alissa said...


It's more than okay to be appreciated. It's so cliche to say it, but life is too short to be anything but happy.

And there is no greater feeling than walking out the door of a job you hate and knowing you never have to go back :)

Kari said...

This just makes me so happy. You are the best and you deserve all the beauty in the world.

Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

So happy for you, I know how it's been eating at you.

Imagine Dragons, cannot, you cannot go wrong.

Alex said...

So proud of you girl. SO very proud. Always be happy.

Lauren Hall said...

I'm sorry that you were in that kind of situation :( But I'm glad you took a stand and I know you will find something so much better!

Cassie Traasdahl said...

good for you!!!

Kelli Anderson said...

okay this blog post is everything that is good in this world. everything. i wish i had an awful job where i was unappreciated so that i could experience this joy. i know this joy. i love this moment. i love it all.

Cat said...

Dude, I totally get this--it's like you read my diary from last year. Congrats for getting out of there! There is no excuse to be at a job that makes you feel inferior, so way to kick them to the curb. There are definitely places out there that appreciate awesome.

Haylee said...

I hope you feel nothing but complete proudness for yourself over this Brissa. GOOD FOR YOU. Seriously good for freaking you, you are amazing and you are strong and I admire you for it.

Now you should come work with me! ;) haha for real though that would be awesome.

Krystal said...

proud of you girl!

Anonymous said...

you. are. my. hero. currently wishing i could show off my middle finger to the biddies at school and bust out of this popsicle stand, but for now i will just type up stupid things like this. it works. high-fiving a million angels for you, lady.